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Young Families

We know that travelling with children can be hard work, so we've put together some useful information to make your time at Luton easier?

You can find more answers to common questions by visiting our FAQs.

Room layout

Many Luton hotels provide dedicated rooms for families with children. Some hotels offer interconnecting family rooms linked by an internal door. A child is normally classed as anyone who is 16 or younger.

Extra beds

Additional beds for children can be provided by all hotels featured on Most hotels restrict the use of these beds to children under 12.


If your hotel search includes one or two adults and a child aged 2 or younger, the results will automatically include rooms with cots. If you are booking a family room and would prefer a cot instead of a bed, simply place a request in the booking summary.

Young Families

Meal options

All hotels featured on offer on-site restaurants with a full menu service. Most hotels also offer children's meals.


Most hotel shuttle buses offer transfers at a reduced rate for children travelling with adults. Some hotels also offer a family shuttle rate for families of two adults and two children.


It can sometimes be easier to take a taxi to or from your hotel or the terminal. When hiring a taxi, there is no legal obligation to use baby or child seats, as long as the children are secured by their parents and a seatbelt.